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Kate Langford

My maternal Grandmother, Kate Langford, of whom I idolized, was born in Stretham on the 28th August 1911, the fourth child of John Langford & Harriet Ann Sindall. Sadly by the age of 9 she was an orphan, but her Aunt, Kate Pates (nee Langford) her father's sister, raised her into adulthood.

Welcome to Stretham Families

The aim of the Stretham site is to record all the families that were either born or lived in stretham, and to also include their descendants to show how far people have moved away from the village as time has passed

It is also the aim not only to record the families but to try where possible to link them into trees.

You will find that many people are entered onto the site more than once. Quite simply this is unavoidable, as it is not always possible to link someone to the right set of parents. Examples of this would be where people share the same name as someone else in the village of similar age. Obviously post 1837 I hope that descendants of some of these families make contact, and are able to link children to the right parentage by means of documentation. As you can appreciate it would be cost prohibitive for me to purchase certificates.

St. James Parish Church

St James' Church, Stretham, is an active Anglican church in the village of Stretham, Cambridgeshire, England. Founded in the 12th century, it was heavily restored by the architect J. P. St Aubyn in 1876.