Welcome to my new Genealogy site

The main homepage is a WordPress site where you can make general comments and posts plus access my two genealogy databases and my execution database.

Kingsclere Hutchins Database

This is my family genealogy and traces the descendants of Arthur Hutchins & his wife Catherine who married around 1667. In addition I try to add the other ancestors of those descendants too.

Stretham Families

This is an on going project to record all the people who were either born, married, or lived in the small village of Stretham near Ely Cambridgeshire up until the second world war, and where possible create the family trees Stretham is the ancestral home of my Maternal Grandmother.

Unlike creating a family tree, this project entails starting with the oldest records and working towards the future.

Current status adding details from 1730

The information contained on this site may be used by you for personal research in anyway  you wish, all I ask is that if you use it on a publicly accessible medium, you credit the source, be it myself or where I have credited a third party, you  list those details. Many people have passed me information and I could not have collated all this information without their help, however please do not contribute if you would be unhappy about others using your research.